Logging In


Log In using the Email And Password Provided in your Welcome message from your account manager.


Manage Albums

Select the Profile picture in the top right, and select it, from there you can access Albums, and create new ones for your profile, this will help you organize all of your company photos, if you have a managed account, your account manager can access these and put them on your website.


Uploading Photos

Select Upload next your Username, this will open a drag and drop page that allows you to drag and drop all of your photos in batches


Managing Photos

After uploading your photo you will be able to manage and view all of the data for that photo, including all of the embed links for that picture, These embed links, include common markdowns, such as html, bbcode, and markdown depending on the social media platform you are using to embed the image. 


Changing Password

From the settings menu located when clicking your profile picture, you can select password at the top bar menu that appears on the settings page, and change your password from there


Forgot Password?